Sothink SWF Easy - Edit


Click "Edit" on the menu and it pops up the submenu to display the options below:

Undo (Ctrl+Z)

Click Undo or press Ctrl+Z to undo a change. You can not only undo the last change you made, you can also undo all steps you took prior to that.

Redo (Ctrl+Y)

Click Redo or press Ctrl+Y to redo the changes you made previously.

Cut (Ctrl+X)

Click Cut or press Ctrl+X to remove the selected content, and paste it elsewhere on the canvas if desired.

Copy (Ctrl+C)

Click Copy or press Ctrl+C to copy the selected content to clipboard.

Paste (Ctrl+V)

Click Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste the clipboard content anywhere on the canvas.

Delete (Del)

Click Delete or press Delete key to remove the selected content from the canvas.

Select All (Ctrl+A)

Click Select All or press Ctrl+A to select all the elements on the canvas.






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