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Tab Action

You can add action to an element or a main scene by selecting it and choosing or writing action script in Action tab, which is listed in Properties panel.

Sothink SWF Easy

  • Events
    In ActionScript terms, an event is a notification that occurs in response to an action, a change in state; such as a key on the keyboard being pressed, the mouse being moved, or an xml document fully loading. It includes following events:
    Invoked when the mouse button is released over an element.
    Invoked when the user clicks the mouse while the pointer is over an element.
    Invoked when the mouse is released while the pointer is outside the element after the element is pressed while the pointer is inside the element.
    Invoked when the pointer moves outside an element area.
    Invoked when the pointer moves outside an element area.
    Invoked when the mouse button is pressed over the element and the pointer then rolls outside the element.
    Invoked when the user presses and drags the mouse button outside and then over the element.
  • Clear All
    Click the button to clear all the action script defined.
  • Add Action
    Click button Sothink SWF Easy to select action from the pop-up list.
    Check the option to have the scene stopped when entering or exiting the scene.
    Note: this option is disabled for the element contained in a flip album.
    Goto Scene
    Click Goto Scene and it will appear dialog Goto scene.
    Choose the scene name from the drop down list to make the animation goto that scene when enter or exit the current scene.
    Note: this option is disabled for the element contained in a flip album.
    Open URL
    Click Open URL and it will appear dialog Open URL.
    Enter the URL like http:/ to make the browser open the website when entering or exiting the scene. Choose the target to specify the target frame where the URL will be opened. You can choose _blank, _self, _parent, or _top, or directly enter the frame name into the Target box.
  • Custom
    In this field, you can write any action script freely.
    • Show Member List
      This displays a list of code you might need to add after the variable or element name.
      When you input a dot after a variable or an element name, you can see the member list of this variable or element, like following image:
      Sothink SWF Easy
    • Show Parameter Information:
      This shows the parameter(s) for the ActionScript you're writing currently. It's useful when you're not sure of the usage of the action or its parameters.
      When you write a function and then symbol ( , its description and parameter information will be listed like following image:
      Sothink SWF Easy
    • Auto Complete Word
      Click this button to complete typing automatically. For example, you write use in the actions text box, clicking "Auto Complete Word" will complete the code, useHandCursor.

      Note: when you are editing a flip album, the following five functions are available:
      _root.PrevPage() : Go to the previous page.
      _root.NextPage() : Go to the next page.
      _root.FirstPage(): Go to the first page.
      _root.LastPage(): Go to the last page.
      _root.GotoPage(pageNumber) : Go to a specified page. This number refers to the actual place that a page appears in the album, for example, if you want to go to the cover, please write _root.GotoPage(1)
  • Check Syntax
    Click button Sothink SWF Easyto check whether there is syntax error in your scripts. The error will show under tab Output.

Note: When adding action to a main scene, there are only two options listed: Enter Scene and Exit Scene. Click here to learn the details about adding action to scene.






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