How to Share Your Photo Album Online?

Have you tried making your own Flash photo album online? Since Flash is widely supported and can be fast uploaded on the internet, sharing Flash album with family photos and photography pictures becomes more and more popular.

OK, how to do that? Just add photos and create an album of Flash format, and then upload it on album sharing site. So, firstly you should look for an album maker which can help you create a nice Flash album.

Here introduces a simple and great solution to create a stunning Flash photo album in mouse clicks with a FREE tool: Sothink Photo Album Maker.

Following the tutorial below, soon you can easily make an attractive Flash album with stylish photo transition effects and fabulous album themes. Also, it tells a very convenient and direct way to upload and share your album online.


Part One: Create stunning photo album in simple steps

Launch Sothink Photo Album Maker, and you will see four interface tabs: “Add Photos”, “Edit Effects”, “Theme & Music” and “Generate Album”. Just follow them in order and you may create your Flash photo album easily and quickly.

  • Step 1. Add Photo

Under the first interface “Add Photos”, browse your hard disk for choosing photos, select them and add to your new album.


Click button “Next” or switch to interface “Edit Effects” to do the next.

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  • Step 2. Edit Photo and Apply Transition Effects

Go to “Edit Effect” interface, edit the photos with the tools on the top and apply Flash effects for photos’ transition in the album.

Edit Photo

Select a photo from the middle photo list and edit it on the preview window.

Just in one or two clicks, you can easily change the contrast grade of your photos, brighten them, crop, rotate and even make mirror, etc. You can also add text for marking photo memories.

Apply Transition Effects

And to make the photo album online playing more dynamically and attractively, stylish Flash transition effects are supported being applied.

Dozens of pre-made effects are listed at the bottom for freely applying. The program randomly sets effect between every two photos, so if you would not like to customize the effects, you could skip over and move on to the next.

To change an effect, click an effect object in the photo list, and go to effects list to select a new one for replacement.

To preview an effect, just choose an effect from the effect list and preview it on the preview window.

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  • Step 3. Set Theme and Background Music

Next, go to interface “Theme & Music” to select album theme and set background music.

Many well designed album themes listed at the right of the interface. Click one of them and apply it to your album. You may click button “Play” to play the album in the preview area.

The album theme is changeable, so as the background music.

Go to the bottom of the interface, browse your hard disk for a music file and set it as the background music when your album playing.

The “Stay Time” shows how long each photo in album will display on the screen, which is 2 seconds by default.

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Part Two: Quick Upload and Share Album online

When everything is OK, the last step is to generate the album and upload it to an album sharing site. Here we use this Photo Album Maker’s default hosting site, which is absolutely free for life time. Another benefit is that you can directly login and upload albums in the program with one or two clicks, rather than doing troublesome uploading steps by launching a web browser.

a) Just go to interface “Generate” and click button “Share Album” to complete album generating plus uploading work.

Tips: You may click button “Generate Album” to export album and then upload it online by yourself or save it for other usage. Through this solution, you may also generate your photo album as Screen Saver of your PC. Still, just in clicks.

b) After clicking button “Share Album”, it appears a dialog for login Sothink Photo Album Share site. Do as the dialog asked:

c) Now you need give a name and description for your album before uploading it. In dialog “Upload”, follow the tips in the dialog below:

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When you successfully uploaded your album, the program will tell you the URL address for you to link to view your album shared online.

Creating and sharing photo album online is very simple, isn’t it? Hurry to download the photo album maker and share your Flash album!

Free download Sothink Photo Album Maker >>



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