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Trends Forecast for Navigation Menu

Navigation menu is the vital element for website, it not only draws the outline of website structure, but also gives the visitors some sense of direction and guides them through the site. Besides, the consistent navigation bar will spotlight your web design, which makes the website look professional and uniform. And you can include SE friendly web menu in web page to make it indexed quickly by spider to promote your website ranking.

Navigation menu has been developed for years, lots of changes has taken place on it. The style and function of JavaScript menu present the diversity, it comes into being its own menu fashion. There are many popular menus on the website, such as horizontal menu, big-icon menu and pure-text menu. Which type of navigation menu will be the next trends? We predicate the trends forecast for navigation menu based on practicality and popularity

  1. Tab Menu to Show More in Less Space
    This type of drop down menu will display 2nd level content beneath horizontal menu by user interaction, which saves the space greatly. As a kind of widely-used navigation bar nowadays, tab menu can explain the top menu item in detail and classify sub-menu clearly. The menu of round corner makes the web menu distinct and good-looking.

    Tab Menu - Navigation Menu

  2. Creative Menu for Individual Website

    The creative menu usually gives us deep impression; it is special in font, image or layout. If you are hosting the individual website, which is related to art, fashion and creativity, why not to insert such a navigation menu to website and make them more perfect?
    Creative Menu - Navigation Menu

  3. Mac Style of Navigation Menu

    Mac style of navigation menu adopts the glossy colorful buttons with 3D-effects as menu item, it presents a sense of modern and vogue. Many stylish websites use Mac-style menu because it is visually appealing and looks cool.
    Mac Style Menu - Navigation Menu

  4. Navigation Menu of Multi-Column/Multi-Level

    To show complex website navigation, DHTML menu of multi-level/multi-column is definitely a good solution. This flexible menu can get your visitors to the target page before they lose their temper when clicking through pages by pages.
    Multi-Level Menu

  5. Vertical Menu to Navigate the Website

    Tired of horizontal menu, trying vertical navigation bar is good choice. Vertical menu is usually placed in the left-side on the website according to your website layout. The vertical DHTML menu can cover all navigation options on every single page, which is much more like horizontal one.
    Vertical Menu - Navigation Menu

  6. Stunning Icon of Navigation Menu

    Without the explainable text, you know clearly that the option will guides to the desired page in big-icon DHTML menu. The recognizable icon in navigation bar conveys the message, which corresponds to the link it stands. Click this appealing icon, you will be directed to the right page.
    Icon Menu - Navigation Menu

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