How to import and re-use vector graphics for logo creation?

Benefits of Importing Your Own Vector Graphics for Logo Creation

The logo represents your company and a professionally made logo will pave the way your company is viewed. When you design logo by a custom logo creator, to make your logo distinctive, it's better to import your own vector graphic, instead of adopting the images provided by the logo creator itself. That's because the logo image is very important to express your own logo ideas, however, those ones provided by the logo creator may have already being used by someone else, therefore, your logo design could easily resemble many others. Obviously, importing your own vector graphics for logo creation is a wise choice.

Another benefit is, compared with bitmap images, the vector graphics can be scaled at any size while keeping high resolution output, it is the perfect format for logo creation.


How to Import Vector Graphics into Logo Maker and Apply for Your Logo Creation

See the following logo, I will tell you how to replace the image with your own unique vector graphics.

Logo Maker

  • 1. Choose "Resource" -> "SWF Resource" to import the SWF which contains your desired vector graphics into Logo Maker.

    Logo Maker

  • 2. Find your desired vector graphics from the decompiled SWF resources.

    Logo Maker
  • 3. Drag to apply the selected vector graphics for your logo creation. Make some changes on layout and style.
  • 4. See the final presentation of your logo creation.

    Logo Maker
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