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Before Buying a Logo Design Tool

Logo vector is the elementary element in logo design; it usually combines with text object to constitute logo image. Logo vector delivers much information to the others, such as industry, emotion, usages, etc, so you need the various logo vectors to design the diverse logo image. Though, the logo design builders have provided abundant of logo vectors as built-in resources, it is not enough for logo designer. Apart from the program, you can download free logo vector graphics from the professional logo design website to enrich your resources.

Are you searching for free vector of logo resources ? Right here, I will recommend a good free logo design resources ( website for you. In this free resources website, it not only presents the excellent logo design sample, but also offers many free logo design resources, including logo fonts, logo vectors and logo images. Next, we view 100+ free logo vectors, and see what they look like:

Obviously, designing business logo by logo maker is the ideal way. Even no logo design skills, you can get the wanted logo design as long as the desired logo image in your mind. With logo maker, you can easily realize the amazing effects in business logo. Next, we start to make the below business logo:

Cartoon & toy:

This type of logo vector includes cartoon and toy elements, It is specially used for kids or the related business. You can pick up any favorite elements and apply them to your logo design.

  • letterbased logo

Festival & Celebration:

In this resource zip file, it piles up all kinds of fashionable and joyous elements. These logo vectors can be used for festival, promotion and celebration, which make the overall logo design colorful and happy.

  • letterbased logo

People & Role:

These logo vectors display the people and their nationality by dress, some logo vectors indicate the role like bride & groom. If you want to promote the special food or service only owned by minority, you can use this kind of logo vector to design logo image.

  • letterbased logo

    Here just lists the partial of logo vectors, and each logo vector includes many elements.   You can view, select and download the favorite logo vectors from Also you can copy the links to share these free resources with friends.

How to apply the logo vector to logo image?

  • After downloading the logo vectors, you will get the zip file. Unzip the file; AI file will be saved in the defined folder. Now, we are learning how to make this AI file become the available logo vector.
  • 1. Launch the program Flash, and create a blank document.
  • 2. Check "File > Import > Import to canvas" to import AI file into Flash.
  • 3. Check "File > Export > Export to movie" to export AI to SWF file.
  • Below is the SWF file which is exported from AI file. We will use logo vector included in this SWF to logo image design.
  • letterbased logo
  • Now, you can apply the logo vector included in SWF to your logo design with Sothink Logo Maker:
  • 1. Launch Sothink Logo Maker, and create a blank document.
  • 2. Check "Resource > SWF Resource" to open the window "SWF resource".
  • 3. Click the button "Add." to browse the SWF file and decompile it.
  • 4. Drag the logo vector to the canvas directly from window.

    letterbased logo
  • 5. Re-layout the element and add text object to the logo design.
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  • Sothink Logo Maker provides 190 templates, 400 color schemes, 2500+ graphics and one-click text/graphic effects. Besides, it is an extendable resources editor, it can import the required resource to include in logo design. The great editing capability also ensures a smooth and pleasant logo design process.

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Sothink Logo Maker - Design Logo, Logo Creator, Company Logo


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