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Sothink Logo Maker Professional

4.4.4599 Mar 22, 2013
  • Add Arabic language interface.
  • Add several new templates.
  • Cannot save the authoring file properly when using free built-in fonts.
  • Incorrect translation of German language.
4.3.4531 Nov 29, 2012
  • Add four new language interfaces, including Polish, Portugues, Russian and Spanish.
  • Add shortcut "Shift+ Mouse wheel" to scroll window horizontally.
  • Support moving the canvas by holding down the Spacebar.
  • Incorrect translation of German and Traditional Chinese.
4.2.4254 July 23, 2012
  • Update the Digital Signature.
  • Fix the incorrect display of free fonts.
  • Fix the incorrect gradient effect in templates.
4.1.4216 July 3, 2012
  • Fix the crashed problem caused by Copy Format when disconnecting color scheme.
4.0.4186 June 12, 2012
  • Can not keep the color settings for new document
  • Incorrect default value of gradient effect .
  • The color displayed in the center of color wheel is not the same with scheme.
  • Incorrect link of Online Help and Quick Start on Ribbon Menu.
  • Incorrect translation of German Language.
4.0.4081 May 28,2012
  • Support importing SVG files.
  • Add hand-drawing tools, including pencil, pen, brush, line, rectangle, round, rounded rectangle, polygon, star shapes etc.
  • Add Lock and Unlock functions to selected objects.
  • Add Stroke Style setting option.
  • Delete Hollow and Outline effect from effects panel and move to Stoke Style option.
  • Add Subselect option which enables selecting and editing one or more specific anchor points.
  • Support converting text to shape. Modify text appearance or even create new text style.
  • Adjust some details of the group operation, supports applying effects (shadow, bevel, etc) and normal operation (move, zoom, rotate, etc) to group objects.
  • Support batch operation, including color, effect, text, stroke style, replacing shape and normal operation.
  • Change the previous color scheme to pre-made scheme and add custom color scheme based on six color matching, color wheel, saturation/brightness and opacity.
  • Adjust the position of some Ribbon Menu Options.

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