Version History of Logo Maker

What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.5 (Build 4299)

New Features:

  • Support Windows 8;
  • Update the Digital Signature.


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What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.4 (Build 3109)

New Features:

  • Reduce the .lmk file size by optimizing saving process;
  • Greatly improve the speed of opening the .lmk file。


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.3 (Build 3052)

New Features:

  • Restart program automatically after switching interface languages;
  • Add 21 Chinese Spring Festival themed logo templates;
  • Add about 200 new logo image resources。


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.2 (Build 2895)

New Features:

  • Support exporting logo graphics to SVG format.
  • Add multi-language interfaces, including English, Traditional Chinese, French and German.
  • Add support for Unicode.
  • Add 21 Festival logo templates.
  • Add 60 logo images to the "Celebration & Festival" category resources.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.1 (Build 2506)

New Feature:

  • Add a new category of logo templates - Festival, and 39 nice templates are included.

Fixed Bug:

  • Unable to correctly display "Skew V" value in bottom right status bar.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 3.0 (Build 2339)

Enhanced Functions:

  • Apply ribbon menu style to the interface, which contains four switchable themes (Blue, Black, Silver, and Aqua).
  • Optimize the setting values of some functions, such as Rotate, Opacity, Font Size, etc.
  • Improve product usability, mainly including layout and view operations.
  • Optimize over 50+ current logo templates and add about 20 exquisite logo templates.
  • Complement and optimize the resources under "Shape-Curve" category.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.40 (Build 1878)

Enhanced Functions:

  • Share your logo design directly by Email.
  • Optimize instant preview, which previews clearly when editing elements, including move, rotate, zoom, stretch & skew.
  • Enhance format painter, which copies properties from one object to another, including color, effect & transparency.
    For text object, all text properties can be copied to another text object.
  • Improve Installation process.

Fixed bugs:

  • Unable to move the copied texts after copying texts among multiple LMK files.
  • Fix parameter value for gradient effect.
  • Fix some bugs on format painter.
  • Unable to auto-fit textbox size when re-setting letter spacing, re-modifying font size or re-editing text object
    which is added with text effect.
  • Center pointer is not changed when re-editing text object which is added with text effect.
  • Fix some other bugs.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.30 (Build 1638)

Enhanced Functions:

  • 3,800+ vector graphics are placed in new resources library; classify all the resources by 33 categories; and add letter
    vectors to resources library.
  • Optimize the pre-made effect settings.

Fixed bugs:

  • Disable instant preview when picking up color in colors panel.
  • The color becomes black after the gradient on template is modified.
  • Flash font is unavailable.
  • Some bugs on font size and font space.
  • Preview font style by arrows on keyboard.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.20 (Build 1416)

Enhanced Functions:

Efficient way to find the appropriate color scheme

  • Filter by main color: provide 30 main colors and each is offered with about 20 color schemes;
  • Filter by category: group all color schemes into 6 scientific and clear category;
  • Add instant preview for color matching.


Exquisite effects and handy customization

  • Instant preview is available when setting effects;
  • Add rich preset sub-effects for Shadow, Bevel, Glow, Reflection, Outline, Gradient, and Hollow;
  • Advanced customization is offered for each effect.


Personalized arrangement for resources

  • "Shape" is set as the default resource type when you open the program;
  • Add more shape images that are frequently used in logo design;
  • Add instant preview for choosing logo images.


Better user experience

  • More reasonable classification for logo templates;
  • Add/Edit texts in a more direct way;
  • Add instant preview for adjusting canvas size, and the canvas can be auto cropped now;
  • Instant preview is available for all operations, such as Rotate, Move, Zoom, Crop;
  • Integrate all basic functional buttons into the toolbar.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.11 (Build 210)

Enhanced Function:

  • Remove the watermark on design window of the trial version, however, it will still exist when exporting or printing logos.

Fixed bug:

  • Fix the bug about printing preview.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.1 (Build 208)

New features:

  • Enhance export settings. You can export logo image for web or publish; export logo in popular formats; customize logo properties and choose from 5 references to set logo size for printing;
  • Add print function and corresponding print setup;
  • Insert "Print" icon to the toolbar.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 2.0 (Build 205)

New features:

  • Optimize the color settings for logo design. Provide lots of color schemes; filter schemes by color or category; and fully customize the color.
  • Improve the effect settings, six pre-set effects include shadow, gradient, glow, bevel, reflection and hollow; fully customize the effect.
  • Reflection effect and hollow effect are available for image and text objects.
  • Re-arrange the dialog "Custom" and add color palette to simplify the logo creation. Display tips on gradient definition bar to indicate their usages.
  • Add the buttons "Text Font" and "Text Effect" on toolbar, which quick set text properties in open dialog.
  • The buttons "Rotate Counterclockwise" and "Rotate Clockwise" are added to toolbar, which makes the selected object rotate in 90 degrees.
  • Add buttons on toolbar to access to the related functions.
  • 37 new templates and 14 new fonts are available.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 1.2 (Build 108)

New features:

  • Added 66 new & well-designed logo design templates.
  • The logo image resources are reorganized, and there are over 2,500 logo images available now.


What's new in Sothink Logo Maker 1.1 (Build 106)

Fixed bug:

  • The program may crash when setting "Text Font" and "Text Effect" repeatly.
  • About Sothink Logo Maker

    It is an intuitive and extremely simple logo creator for you to design logo in minutes for web or print. You don't have to be a professional logo designer to make high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. The rich templates, preset color & effect styles, and well designed logo images will give you endless amount of logo design possibilities. The great editing capability also ensures a smooth and pleasant logo design process.
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