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Reshaped Apple Logo In Memories of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Logo

I do this logo with logo maker myself. Detailed steps as follows:

Step One

Open the program and set in BG Color under View tab Steve Jobs Logo to define canvas as black; Search for Apple logo in desired dimension and load it into the maker.

Steve Jobs Logo 


Step Two

Click on Add Text Steve Jobs Logo on Home tab and input letter “s” on canvas, and define its font as Arial and Bond. Set its color as blue from Colors panel Steve Jobs Logo, the specific color value is “#009EFF”. After the letter ”s” is done, right click on the “s” to choose “Duplicate” for eight times and modify their text from letter “s” to letter “t”, “e”, “v”, “e”, “j”, “o”, “b” and “s” separately, which represent as name of Steve Jobs as whole! Select these letters one after another to set size and rotate angle as desired, and array them altogether under rule of bigger size in the middle and smaller size at two ends.

Steve Jobs Logo


Step Three

Select one letter to duplicate as mentioned above, but set color as “white” this time; Then modify its text as any letter from name Steve Jobs. Repeat this step to generate lots of letters to fill Apple logo, and set size and rotate angle as any you wish, but follow the rule of bigger size in the middle and smaller around gradually.

Steve Jobs Logo

Step Four

Remove the Apple logo image inserted from Canvas, and input text “1955 - 2011” right under logo signal, set font as Arial and Bond, font size as 10, font space as 2 Steve Jobs Logo.

Now the logo is done.

Steve Jobs Logo



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