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Why Choose Menu Creator to Make Navigation Menu?

At present, website designers can complete the various navigation menus by different technologies, like CSS menu, JavaScript Menu, Flash menu, HTML menu and jQuery menu. Then, which is the popular way to create navigation bar? The website guru prefers to design web menu by JS and CSS code; but for majority of us, we’d like to make navigation menu by professional menu creator. Here lists three reasons why choose menu creator:

We will take Sothink DHTML Menu for example to explain advantages about menu creator.

WYSWYG Menu Creator Makes Menu Creation Simple

  1. Get a clear menu structure from menu panel; and freely adjust the position for menu item by clicking.

    Menu Creator - Panel

  2. Preview JavaScript menu in real time with menu creator.

    Menu Creator - Menu Samples

  3. Choose menu properties and customize the corresponding menu style in menu creator.

    Menu Creator - Property

Finish Functional Menus in Easy Way

  1. Set menu type as Float to float menu in fixed position on webpage.

    Menu Creator - Float Menu

  2. Edit highlight settings for highlight menu to show where the user is on the web site.

    Menu Creator - Highlight Menu

  3. Make long menu items scroll and keep their scrolling in a fixed depth.

    Menu Creator - Scrolling Menu

Quick Start Menu from Rich Resources

  1. Start web menu from the various free menu templates.

    Free Menu Template

  2. Apply preset menu style to the menu item.

    Menu Creator - Menu Style

  3. Apply resources from image library to design menu in less time.

    Menu Creator - Image Library

The above-mentioned features are only available in menu creator; download Sothink DHTML Menu to get more features which other technologies are unable to achieve.

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  • The top-rank menu creator makes perfectly drop down menu for website navigation. With the built-in templates and rich preset styles, you can create SE friendly JavaScript menu in minutes. Fully customize navigation menu to match with web page. Free integrate with web editors as add-ons to build drop-down menus directly.

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DHTML Menu - Screenshot


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