Website Menu, Appreciate Website Menus of Various Techniques

15 Website Menus Made by Various Techniques

Website menu has really important role in almost all websites, it makes website navigation easier and saves space to display the more contents. Besides, the modern website menu has the features of usability and appearance. A clear and usable menu can guide the users to the wanted page with one-click; and an attractive and eye-catching web menu can decorate the website better. To create a website menu, there are several techniques available, such as JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Flash and Database. Let's view the website menus made by various techniques:

Website menus made by JavaScript

JavaScript menu can realize the special effects with mouse movement on web menu.

  1. Flip JavaScript menu

    Website Menu - JavaScript Menu
  2. Board JavaScript menu

    Website Menu - JavaScript Menu

  3. Roof JavaScript menu

    Website Menu - JavaScript Menu


Website menus made by CSS

CSS menu is SE friendly navigation bar, which includes less code on webpage.

  1. Script-style CSS menu for art or creativity

    Website Menu - CSS Menu

  2. Shining black CSS menu for personal website

    Website Menu - CSS Menu

  3. Excellent CSS dock menu for MAC lovers

    Website Menu - CSS Menu

Website menus made by jQuery

jQuery menu is a trend for website navigation, it is the easiest and best supported way to implement simple animation online.

  1. Create Vimeo-like top navigation

    Website Menu - jQuery Menu
  2. Menumatic mootools

    Website Menu - jQuery Menu
  3. jQuery website menu for navigation Website Menu - jQuery Menu

Website menus made by Flash

Flash website menu impresses the viewers because of the stunning animation and well cross-browser compatibility.

  1. Classic Flash menu

    Website Menu - Flash Menu

  2. Float Flash menu

    Website Menu - Flash Menu

  3. Crystal Flash menu

    Website Menu - Flash Menu

Database-driven website menu

This type of website menu is generated from database, such as ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and more.

  1. Website menu generated by JSP

    Website Menu - Database Driven Menu
  2. Website menu generated by ColdFusion

    Website Menu - Database Driven Menu
  3. Website menu generated by VB.NET

    Website Menu - Database Driven Menu
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