Symbolic Logo and Iconic Logo

Explain Symbolic Logo

A symbolic logo design uses a symbol as an abstract representation of a business. It only contains imagery objects that express interpretation of what the organization or company conveys. And symbolic logo can be captivating, eye-catching, and it also works well as a stand-alone logo (just an image without text) or can be accompanied by your company, organization or product name.

When to use symbolic logo?

Symbolic logo or iconic logo is not like letter logo, which is much easier to reproduce later, symbolic logo is more suitable for new start-up company or organization. You can create and design stunning and siginificative imagery for logo, which may give your audience impressive picture of company figure and express strong interpretation of company culture. Symbolic logo is also frequently used when printing on physical objects, such as business card, letter header or fax header.

Tips for designing symbolic logo

We have known that symbolic logo style will not contain any text, so you can only adopt imagery objects to interpret what your design represents. There are several tips for your reference when choosing symbol for your logo.

1. International Culture Perspectives. a symbol represents in one culture may not be what it represents in another. This is crucial for multi-national companies when designing logo for all countries around world.

2. Conflicts of Meanings. Do not use multiple symbols in one logo or brand that might possibly represent conflicting ideas. You want the logo to express a unified message.

3. Clarify The Communication. Symbols are strong communication medium. One smart symbolic element in a logo design can express everything, but the designer needs to deliver one idea well, not many things weakly.

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