Step 1: Getting Started.

Please download Sothink Logo Maker Pro and install. After opening Logo Maker Pro, click Add Text button and input B in Quicksand Bold font. If you don’t have Quicksand Bold font, download here; copy to My Computer-C-Windows-Font file.

Change font size to 96, right click B and choose rotate with “-90” degree; so the letter is laying down.

Step 2: Convert text to shape.

Right click letter B and select Text to Shape. So we convert text to shape for further editing.

Step 3: Reshape Letter "b" to Snail.

Now we are going to reshape to snail. Choose Pen- tool to reduce anchor point; Subselect Shape B and drag anchor point to form a little hook tail.

Now we are going to reshape body and head. Choose Pen- to delete anchor points mentioned in screenshot, drag the remaining points to make the body and head as natural as possible. There is no technical difficulty; all you need is patience and carefulness. Keep dragging and adjusting until it looks like a snail.

Step 4: Add Antenna to Snail.

Choose Round tool to draw two round shapes on canvas, fill in with black with no stroke.

Step 5: Decorate Helicoids.

Drag screw grain from Shape-Curve category to canvas, rotate its direction and put it inside the shape B.

Decorate Helicoids

Step 6: Color It.

Select snail and color it with green, the color we use is #79C32D; select screw grain and color it with pink, the color we use is #E77F8C.

Decorate Helicoids

Step 7: Add Text and Background.

Select Add Text and input "Snail" with FieldDayFilter font, choose the same color with snail and add reflection effect.

Decorate Helicoids

Since we can't add effect to blank canvas directly, we need to find a way out. Drag a square shape from Shape Geometry category as background. Set it as the last layer in Layout menu, fill in with shallow yellow (#FDFEC1) and apply with last effect in Gradient.

Decorate Helicoids


Decorate Helicoids

If you would like know more about letter logo, please read text logo term and definition.

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