Video Encoder Engine Windows Version V3.2

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    Combine with video sharing script and open source & guides for ASP,, PHP, etc, Sothink Video Encoder Engine provides a complete and effective video sharing solution, to batch upload, convert, edit and customize video on windows servers for all webmasters and video companies. Creating your own YouTube Clone sites is as easy as 1-2-3. With this YouTube clone solution, any webmaster can fast create YouTube Clone sites, forums or communities and make profit.

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Video Encoder Engine FeaturesBenefits and Features

  • Video Sharing Solution
    Server-side batch convert Video to FLV, F4V and MP4 from a great deal of formats. Support AVI, MP4, WMV, RM, MPEG, MKV, MOV, even H.264 and other popular files. No quality loss.
  • Guided Installation
    Guide you to achieve system checking, installation, and configuration following a visual step-by-step wizard. No extra charges!
  • Demo Sites
    Free to try demo sites in PHP/ASP/ASP.NET script before buy. All video uploading, editing, converting and functions are included.
  • Watermark and Thumbnail
    Add PNG watermark image as logo for advertisement and copyright announcement. Auto create meaningful thumbnail image.
  • Video Editing
    Apply various video editing functions like trimming video clips, adding subtitles, customizing bit rate, frame rate, zoom, etc.
  • YouTube Clone
    Help webmaster create video sharing site, YouTube Clone sites with simple and fast convenience. Its rich database fields are perfectly suit for secondary development.
  • Viewable on Mobile/Tablet
    Videos can be played on Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G(s), iPod Touch/Classic, Android and many other mobiles and tablets.
  • High Efficiency
    Provide preset profiles on video/audio settings for direct invoking, customization and organization. Save time and energy.
  • HTML 5 Video Tag
    Support HTML 5 browser-based video playback via HTML 5 Video tag and play videos without Flash plug-in.
  • Open Source Code
    Offer full source code of demo sites (also playable on iPad/iPhone/other devices) written in PHP/ASP/ASP.NET, and SDK/tutorials.

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read moreWhat's included in this solution?

  • Video Encoder Engine for Windows Servers
  • Detailed user manuals and step-by-step guides
  • Free open source code of YouTube Clone site (live demo)
  • Video uploading solution for ASP. and PHP
  • Free Wizard to create Flash Video Player (GUI Version of Video to Flash Converter Software)
  • Free life-time technical support
  • Know more about applied technologies

Supported Formats

Input Formats Video avi, divx, xvid, asf, wmv, asx, mpeg, mpg, mpeg, dat (VCD), vob (DVD), mp4 (MPEG-4), mov, qt, rm, rmvb, 3gp (3gpp), 3g2 (3gpp2), dv, mkv, m2ts, mts, ts, and more formats and codecs
Audio mp3, wma, m4a
Output Formats flv (Flash Video), f4v, mp4, AVC/H.264 video, HD video
Script languages, ASP and PHP for Windows Servers

read moreAbout License

  • Sothink Video Encoder Engine includes software licensed under GNU GPL/LGPL. Read more.
  • Before order Sothink Video Encoder Engine, you may read the software license.
  • By downloading the trial version of Sothink Video Encoder Engine, you may agree to the non-commercial license.

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Create YouTube-like Video Hosting Site with ease?
Read more details here >> video encoder engine for windows
Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version) 3.2 is released! Support encoding MP4 and HTML 5 browser!video encoder engine for windows
Sothink comes educational video sharing solutions for YouTube-clone sites. video encoder engine for Windows
Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) supports Flash Player 10 better!

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