The Lazy Way to Create Photo Album and Share it Online- A Quick Tutorial

People always do more than just 1-2-3 steps to create album and make it more stunning and unique. If you would like to use the least time to create a Flash photo album and share it online, you definitely can use the preset effects and theme to skip the editing and setting work.

In the past, we’ve known how to create album with some album maker, but we most wanted to easily and quickly make a professional photo album in simplest way and really hope the product helping us, is totally free. This guide is to help you learn how to use completely free Flash album studio (Sothink Photo Album Maker) to create Flash album in just one minute.


  • Step1. Add Photos

 Launch Sothink Photo Album Maker, under “Add Photos” interface browse photos in your PC and click button “Add to Album” to add them to your album.

  • Step2. Add Effects (You may just skip this step if you are satisfied with the transition effects applied by default. Trust me, you will.)

Go to “Edit Effects” interface to add transition effects for your album.

If you want to quickly replace all the default effects with your own choice, you may select any effect thumbnail between any two photos, pick one from effects panel, and click button “Apply to All”.

  • Step3. Apply Theme & Music (Album theme and background music are also ready by default.)

Go to “Theme_Music” interface to apply album theme and background music.

You may click any theme listed at right to apply it for your album. As for background music, you may pick one from your own resources.

  • Step4. Share Album

In fact, you may directly come to this step after adding photos, don’t you?

Go to “Generate Album” interface, click button “Share Album” and do the things following the tips, which are written in the dialog appears.

Congratulations! You have done! Link to the URL told by Sothink Photo Album Maker and view your Flash photo album online. Now you have a Flash photo album online to share with family and friends.

There are actually much more things can be done with Sothink Photo Album Maker, but you’ve got the bulk of the necessary information here.

  • Next Steps:

You have just seen how easy it is to create Flash album and share it online. But if you require a more in-depth look at how to upload and share Flash album on Sothink Photo Album sharing site, please read the tutorial “How to Share Your Photo Album Online?”.



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