Introduction --- Sothink Logo Maker Professional

Welcome to Sothink Logo Maker Professional!

Sothink Logo Maker Professional is an easy-to-use and powerful logo creation software. It can make the professional logos, buttons, banners, headers, icons and signatures in clicks for website, blog, forum, and enables you to share logo design directly by Email. The program provides lots of well-designed templates and rich resources for quick logo creation. To get more resources, users can import image files, SVG files and decompile SWF movies to application for creating logo artwork better. With Sothink Logo Maker Professional, logo graphics diverse their styles in shadow, bevel, glow, reflection, gradient and text effect. Based on logo usages, you can export or print logo to meet the various needs with proper setting. Rich output formats are available for you, including JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and SVG. The program applies ribbon menu style to the interface, provides instant preview with most of the functions, such as colors, effects, resources, rotating, opacity, text styles, etc. Logo creation would never be a hard work.

This logo design software is the best choice to design and create logo graphics. Multi-language interfaces are available now, including English, Deutsch and Traditional Chinese.

Main Features:

Offer Built-in Logo Resources & Support Importing

Powerful Drawing Tools

  • Enable you to create your own logo by drawing with pencil, brush, pen, line, round, rectangle, rounded rectangle, polygon, etc.
  • Enable to edit the resources with subselect tool, tailor, etc.
  • Enable to set stroke width, style and make hollow effect, which brings out amazing logo creation.

Unique Color Scheme

  • Offer premade color scheme that gives you professional color reference.
  • Also support customizing a color through color wheel, saturation/brightness and opacity, the popular method designers used.

Preset Effects

Export Logo in Various Formats for Different Usage

  • Rich output formats are available for you, including JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF.
  • Support exporting SVG file.
  • For printing logo on business card, T-shirt, envelope, etc., convenient to preview and set logo size in the Export dialog.
  • Send your logo design by email to share with friends.

Abundant Templates Ready to use

User-friendly Interface & Operation

  • Provide instant preview for color setting, replacing shape, applying effect, etc.
  • Adjust the canvas according to the logo size.
  • Support selecting more than one object and batch operation.
  • Support lock/unlock an object.
  • Support group/ungroup objects.
  • Support converting text to shape and modify text appearance or even create new text style.

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