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Powerful HD media player on Mac OS.
Support for full screen mode with multiple monitors.
Automatically detect & convert subtitles.
Easily control the playback through multi-touch.

best Flash SWF Decompiler

SWF Decompiler for Mac

Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5.

Restore FLA from SWF
Help you to convert SWF into FLA on Mac.
You can easily recover FLA from SWF or convert the SWF made by FLEX back to FLEX source code.
Standard EXE file made from Adobe Flash is also supported. No worry about your lost FLA/Flex.
Export Flash to HTML5 Display movie in HTML5 compatible browsers.
Convert simple SWF to HTML5 and play it in HTML5 compatible browsers. Support Flash from version CS3 to CS6
Make your Flash movie as platforms compatible by using the Flash decoder on Mac.
Extract All SWF ElementsExtract SWF. Enrich Flash design inspiration.
One-click to extract preferred SWF elements from existing SWF files into different categories.
Enrich your Flash design resources, including images, sounds, videos, texts, sprites and ActionScript.
Edit SWF Resources Replace SWF elements. Make SWF different.
Decompile SWF and then enable you to edit SWF in new WYSIWYG Shape Editor directly.
Replace image/text/sound to make brand new Flash in minutes. Combine SWF decompiler and editor together.
Friendly Interactive UI
Friendly interface gives you better interaction.
Focus on providing better interactive experience to all Mac Flash users. Quite easy to use.
Enable you to find target panel at the most convenience, from Flash shape editing to SWF batch conversion.
Capture Online SWF Free to download online SWF from browsers.
Free Flash Downloader plugin. Allow you to capture online SWF from browser in one click. You can try SWF Catcher Pro.
Help you collect great SWF all through web, Firefox and Safari are supported. Fast and Easy.
The latest version of Sothink SWF Decompiler cannot support Mac OS X 10.6 anymore. If you use Mac OS X 10.6, please upgrade your system or you can use version 7.1 (download it here).
Test Before Buy
FREE: Send SWF to We will decompile the SWF by the latest version program and inform you the test result (FLA kept by us).

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  • Easily restore SWF to Flash FLA.
  • Convert Flash animation to HTML5.
  • Extract all SWF elements for reuse.
  • Edit shape/text, replace images.
  • Multi-language are available.
  • Capture and download online Flash.