Toolbar - Sothink SWF Editor


See the explanations for each icon on the toolbar:

open: Open SWF/GLS files.

save: Save the current document.

save-as: Save the active document with a new name.

header: Show or hide header of the SWF/GLS file.

sort: Sort the tags by default order or by category.

tag-type: Show or hide tag type value.

shape: Show or hide shape tag.

image: Show or hide image tag.

font: Show or hide font tag.

text: Show or hide text tag.

sound: Show or hide sound tag.

button: Show or hide button tag.

sprite: Show or hide sprite tag.

video: Show or hide video tag.

action: Show or hide action tag.

misc: Show or hide Misc tag.

preview: Show preview window.

find: Show find dialog.























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