• Sothink SlidingMenu 2.0

  • Sothink SlidingMenu is designed to help you create a neat, efficient Java navigation menu applet for Internet or Intranet Web pages with no need of programming.

    Sothink SlidingMenu guides users to generate a Java Menu applet. The configuration doesn't require any Java or HTML coding, so it is suitable for any web designers. With Sothink SlidingMenu, you could implement applets of various effects: Sliding Tree, Radio Buttons and other special effects.

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Features of Slidingmenu

  • Provide integrating module with FrontPage(also known as add-in).
    Users can create and configure SlidingMenu within FrontPage by simply
    clicking its button on tool bar.
  • Easy to use. Doesn't require any coding
  • Create neat, efficient multi-level sliding Java menu for your Internet or Intranet Web pages
  • Multi-level menu support
  • Three menu states property(mouse over, mouse click, normal)
  • Audio, image support
  • Support users to define web directory for files during configuration
  • Specify sub-menu sliding speed
  • Support item transparent function
  • Implement various effects
  • Sliding Tree, image maps, colour button,etc
  • Provides templates to make work easier
  • Specify the browser to preview
  • Preview the generated applet without quitting
  • User defined template support
  • Multi top-level menus support
  • Provide great text special-effects for item label
  • Clipboard support
  • Friendly operate interface with guild text on
  • Work with Sothink HTML Editor in a seamless integration way
  • Supply three ways to add Java SlidingMenu into web page

Support Platform

Win 95/98/Me/Win NT 4.0/Win 2000/Win XP