SWF Maker Helps You Create Image Morphing Animation within Seconds

What is Image Morphing?

Morphing is an image processing technique used for the metamorphosis from one image to another. Morphing images of one into another is great fun. The idea is to get a sequence of intermediate images which when put together with the original images would represent the change from one image to the other.

Image Morphing is the process of creating a smooth animated transition from one picture into another. Using morphing you can add stunning effects into your home-made videos, create visual jokes for your friends, or master a unique animated avatar to represent yourself in on-line communities. You'll easily find many more funny uses on your own. So, let's find an easy way to create image morphing effect with a great SWF Maker...

How to Create Image Morphing Effect with SWF Maker?

Sothink SWF Quicker is a professional SWF Maker for both professionals and novices to create rich interactive content for web sites, it also provides an easy way for you to make image morphing effect. See the following tutorial.

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Here is the result:


Step 1: New a Project

Launch Sothink SWF Quicker, and choose "File" -> "New" -> "New Movie" to new a blank document. Then you can set movie properties from the Properties panel, as follows:

SWF Maker - Set Movie Properties


Step 2: Import Source Image

Select Frame 1, and click the "Import" button on the toolbar to import the source image.

SWF Maker - Add Source Image


Step 3: Import Destination Image

Insert a blank keyframe in the Frame 20, and import the destination image.

SWF Maker - Add Destination Image


Step 4: Add Image Tween

Right-click any frame between Frame 1 and Frame 20, and choose "Create Image Tween" from the popup menu.

SWF Maker - Add Image Tween


Generally, you simply load a series of pictures and let the SWF Maker to automatically recognize the images. Then you start the morphing process and the program renders the animation.

However, if you want the image transition process to be more smoothly, please click the "Configure the Tween..." button on the Properties panel. And you will see the following window.

SWF Maker - Configure Image Tween

In this window, you can see the source image, destination image, and preview the image morphing process. Please click to add hint points in the Source window. And adjust positions for corresponding hint points appeared in the Destination window.

1) The more hint points you added, the more exquisite the transform process will be.
2) To judge whether the hint points are added correctly and efficiently, you can see that if the image in the Preview window become clearer and clearer.
3) Right click a hint point may delete it. 


Step 5: Export Your Flash Work

The SWF Maker is fully automated.You can export the result as a SWF, GIF, AVI, or EXE file.


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