Showcase of 10 Creative House Logos

By Philip Tero | November 22th, 2011 | Logo Design, Inspiration

The showcase below offers 10 creative house logos in hope that they can inspire your creative designing minds.

1. Habi Familiar

house logo 1

As you can see, the graphic resource in this house logo looks like a real house. At the same time, the highlighted green lines forms the letter "H" which is just the first letter of "Habi".

2. ATM Properties

house logo 2

As we all known, "ATM" is the abbreviation of Automatic Teller Machine. This house logo is so creative that the graphic including house element is just like a cash dispenser. What's more, the color of green and black combines and distributes perfectly.

3. Saunders

house logo 3

This house logo is specially designed for sandbeaches. The coconut tree combines well with the three house-like graphic images in this logo.

4. Immobiliare

house logo 4

This logo is something "classic". The "nice thing" about this logo is to make a good use of lines created by shapes to create the shape of a home. The central spot not only represent the epicentre of the shapes, but it gives an idea that home is the center of everything.

5. Home Think

house logo 5

As you can see, the blank parts of the graphic image creates a house, which symbolizes the word of "home". While the blue parts of the graphic image forms a shape of thinking, which symbolies the word of "think".

6. Home Center

house logo 6

Can you see a window in the logo above? The graphic image which is composed of two square shapes and two sector shapes forms the window of a house naturally.

7. City Life

house logo 7

I think you can see a key clearly in the logo above. And if you see more carefully, you can see a block of buildings which is formed by the saws of the key. This house logo is so meaningful and creative.

8. Delicious Real Estate

house logo 8

The graphic image in the logo above is a shape of biscuit, which is correspond to the word of "Delicious". However, if you see the image from a different point, you can see a building including lots of windows.

9. Lares

house logo 9

The graphic image in the logo above is so creative that the two blank parts symbolizes the house and the sun respectively. And the color scheme is well choosed which can give us a much comfortable feeling.

10. Silver Spring

house logo 10

The graphic image in the logo above is composed of several simple shapes, lines and arc. The lines form raws of buildings in a supernatural way. And you can also see three "1" in the iamge, which symbolizes it's the top one real estate company.

Hope you have get some inspiration from the 10 creative house logos above. Do you want to design your own house logo? You can try some free logo creator like Sothink Logo Maker to enjoy!

Philip Tero
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