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Vital Tips for Effective Website Logos Design

Website Logos' Types

The website logos are the the first impression that visitors see when visiting the websites.They are typically small graphics (.jpg, ..gif or .png file) at the top of your pages:

  • Illustrative or Graphic Logos: require graphic design skills and are really the domain of graphic designers.
  • Text Based Logos: basically use your company or website name in a suitable font or colour with maybe a simple background graphic.

Most websites opt for very simple website logos usually with the company or website names and sometimes simple descriptive phrases. Good website logos usually create good impression to the visitors and play a part in the business cooperation, so the websites had better make the simple names or phrases look nice and distinctive.

Tips for Website Logos Design

How to create good website logos? And what do the desginers need to pay for attention to when creating the website logos? Please check the following vital tips for effective website logos design.

  • Always keep to a simple design especially if you are doing it yourself.
  • Don't overcomplicate your website logos.
  • Stay with simple text based website logos if you do it yourself.
  • Make the Text easy to Read.
  • Have the website logos professionally made if you want an illustrative type logo.
  • If you are just starting out online, and aren't creating website logos for an existing business use a simple text logo, and change it later as your site builds traffic.
  • Make you own website logos using traditional tools like Microsoft paint, Photoshop or similar package.
  • Make your own using a professional logo package.
  • Have your website logos professionally made by a logo designer.

Logo Creation Tools

Now some logo creation tools are emerged in the IT world, most of which are aimed at the people who are neither good at designing website logos nor skilled in some professional software for design. Usually the tools are of rich templates for the website logos, and the users can easily choose one logo that he or she likes and make some changes, such as replacing the colors, resetting the effects, modifying the texts' style, and so on. While, Sothink Logo Maker is one of the most excellent software among them.

Logo Design

If you are interested in designing website logos, you can refer to the samples here and try the software for experience.


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