3 Simple Tech Tips to Light up Your Logo Images Design

Before Buying a Logo Design Tool

  • In logo images design, the proper image and text have been chosen based on your idea, but the combination of image and text elements seems to be unnatural, which is not vivid as in reality. What else enables to make this logo image become nifty and perfect? I guess special effect can do and it can make logo image even better to light up your logo image. The tech tips like special effects can make logo image realize the extraordinary visual impact, such as dimension, reflection, shadow, gradient, etc. At present, the special effects like reflection, shadow and gradient become popular and use widely in website and graphic design.
  • In Sothink Logo Maker, the program offers many special effects for the users; you can apply them to the elements directly, including shadow, gradient, glow, bevel, reflection and hollow. Maybe, you are wondering how the special effects beautify the logo images; and then I will list three special effects to prove their capability. Let's go on and view the comparison chart below:
  • Obviously, designing business logo by logo maker is the ideal way. Even no logo design skills, you can get the wanted logo design as long as the desired logo image in your mind. With logo maker, you can easily realize the amazing effects in business logo. Next, we start to make the below business logo:

1. Shadow

  • The special effect "Shadow" is used to cast a "shadow" where is placed behind an object in the various degrees of angle. Shadow builds a sense of realism to image and text elements, it acts as the brain to express objects with shadows, and makes logo images more real and alive.
Before After
letterbased logo letterbased logo

2. Reflection

Before After
letterbased logo letterbased logo

3. Gradient

  • The special effect "Gradient" is used for a gradual blend of color which can be considered as an even gradation from low to high values. Gradient can work as shadows and other interesting visual effects, etc. With multi-color gradients, the logo images will become more colorful and lovely.
Before After
letterbased logo letterbased logo
  • From above comparison, you will see the logo images that are added effect are better than only text and image combination. In fact, the special effect can light up the logo images as long as adding it to the proper element, and the overall design of logo image improves greatly.
  • In Sothink Logo Maker, all the three cool effects can be applied to your logo image of text by one click; and you will get more special effects. Hurry up to download Sothink Logo Maker and try other special effects; they will give you more surprises in logo images design.
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