How to Make a Distinctive Business Logo?

Before Buying a Logo Design Tool

  • Business logo can be widely used for company logo, business logo and web signature. Having your own business logo makes you unique from the others. Usually, we can get the business logo by three ways: downloading logo image online; buying the professional business logo; and designing business logo by logo maker. Which one is the best for you? Let's check their pros&cons:

  • Ways to get business logo Pros Cons
    Downloading business logo
    • Fast and easy to get logo image
    • Involve copyright when using
    • Unable to accord with your idea and logo design
    • Disable to re-edit later
    Buying business logo
    • Professional and beautiful design in business logo
    • Expensive to make business logo
    • Long time to wait and discuss
    • High-quality logo may be not what you want
    Designing by logo maker
    • Clicks to get business logo
    • Fast design the professional business logo from built-in templates
    • Conform logo design with your idea
    • Spend less to design unlimited business logos
    • Unable to draw a shape

  • Obviously, designing business logo by logo maker is the ideal way. Even no logo design skills, you can get the wanted logo design as long as the desired logo image in your mind. With logo maker, you can easily realize the amazing effects in business logo. Next, we start to make the below business logo:
  • Logo Design from Templates My Own Business logo
    letterbased logo letterbased logo

  • 1. Launch Sothink Logo Maker and start the business logo from templates.
  • letterbased logo

  • 2. Add the color for image object and edit them.
  • Double-click image object and click the button “Custom” on the colors panel to set the gradient color for object.
  • Customize the color settings The image object with colors
    letterbased logo letterbased logo
  • Duplicate this image object, and right click it to choose “Horizontal Mirror”. You can drag the image object to adjust their position.
  • letterbased logo
  • 3. Edit the colors and effects for text object.
  • Double click text object and enter "Beauty" to replace "Design". And then, add the colors and effects for text object.
  • Type Settings

    Fill color > Solid

    R:127;  G: 0;  B: 255 ; A: 100%
    Effects letterbased logo
    Text Object letterbased logo
  • Drag the text object to the middle of two image objects.
  • letterbased logo
  • Enter the text "Cosmetics Consulting" in below text field. Filter the colors by category "Fashion", apply the favorite color to text; and choose the effect "Shadow" to text object.
  • Type Settings

    letterbased logo

    Effects letterbased logo
    Text Object letterbased logo
  • Still select the text "Cosmetics Consulting", and click the button letterbased logo and letterbased logo on the toolbar to set text font and text effect.
  • Type Settings
    Text font
    • Fonts: Simplified Arabic
    • Font Size:8
    • Kerning:2
    • Bold
    Effects letterbased logo
    Text Images letterbased logo
  • 4. Adjust the objects' position on the canvas, and export the business logo as the desired format, size and transparent.
  • letterbased logo
  • Now, the business logo is completed. Can you get any cue that this colorful business logo is modified from B&W logo image? Come on, try Sothink Logo Maker, you will be logo designer and more exquisite business logos will be created by you.
  • Sothink Logo Maker - Design Logo, Logo Creator, Company Logo
  • Logo Maker

  • - DIY professional logo design in minutes
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    It is an intuitive and extremely simple logo design tool for you to fast design high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. Rich built-in templates, preset color & effect styles, and well designed logo images will fully satisfy your needs and make your logo unique. The great editing capability also ensures a smooth and pleasant logo design process.

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