Useful Tips for Designing Football Logo

By Steve Smith | December 7th, 2011 | Logo Design, Inspiration

Football is the world's most popular sports. A good football logo will tie a football team together, from the field, equipment and players. It is an essential symbol during the game season to reflect culture and values of the players and the whole football club.

football logo design

Designing football logos is a big fun. Like other types of logo designs, the football team logo also consists of images and texts. However, there still exist some basic tips and rules in the football logo creation, and I will share some with you as follows.

1. Before the football logo design, remember that the final logo should be truly memorable, so it needs to tell a story and look sharp even when you shrink the size and remove the colors you used to design it.

2. When you select elements for the football club logo, you need to include the football image into the logo graphics, and this will better boost its appeal.

3. If you don't have any graphics design experience, please go to find an easy-to-use Logo Maker, which can quickly help you finish a professional logo art. You can start from editable football logo templates, and then replace the logo image and texts as you want.

4. Using different types of fonts and logo image/text effects to decorate the logo. Creating multiple design drafts that feature different types of fonts and effects will give yourself much desired flexibility in making the final decision.

5. If you cannot create professional appearance like fonts, colors, text/image effects all by yourself, the best choice is turn to a Logo Maker which offers these built-in resources that can be easily applied by just one click.

Following I will show you some great football logo designs that I collected from Internet, maybe you will get some ideas from these successful designs.

football logo sample football logo sample
football logo sample football logo sample
football logo sample football logo sample
football logo sample football logo sample
football logo sample football logo sample

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