Sothink SWF Easy - Frequently Used ActionScript Wizard

In Action panel, the ActionScript wizard prepares some frequently used AS as follows:

Open an URL:


Description: It loads a document from the specified URL into the specified window.
The getURL method can also be used to send variables to another application defined at the URL using a GET or POST method. For example: getURL("http:/", "_blank", "GET");

  • URL: The URL from which to obtain the document.
  • Target window: An optional parameter specifying the name, frame, or expression that specifies the window or HTML frame that the document is loaded into. You can also use one of the following reserved target names: _self specifies the current frame in the current window, _blank specifies a new window, _parent specifies the parent of the current frame, and _top specifies the top-level frame in the current window.
  • Method: GET appends the variables to the end of the URL and is used for a small numbers of variables. POST sends the variables in a separate HTTP header and is used for long strings of variables.



Description: Play the SWF file from current frame.



Description: Stop the SWF file at current frame.

Go to a Specified Frame and Play


Description: It starts playing the SWF file at the specified frame. Such as: gotoAndPlay("Scene 1", 11);

  • frame: A number indicating the frame number, or a string indicating the label of the frame, where the playhead is sent.

Go to a Specified Frame and Stop


Description: It brings the playhead to the specified frame and stops it there. gotoAndStop("Scene 1", 11);

  • frame: A number indicating the frame number, or a string indicating the label of the frame, to which the playhead is sent.

Stop All Event Sound


Description: Stops all sounds currently playing in a SWF file without stopping the playhead.

Enter Full-Screen mode/Exit Full-Screen mode

fscommand("fullscreen", true);/fscommand("fullscreen", false);

Description: Allows the SWF file to communicate with either Flash Player or the program hosting Flash Player, such as a web browser. This AS is used for showing movie in full-screen.




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