Sothink SWF Easy - Create Navigation Buttons

Start SWF Easy. Click "File -->New From Template...". Choose "Navigation Buttons" from the available templates. The Navigation Wizard will be launched.

Step1: Select template

In the template list window, you can preview all the navigation buttons. Select one and click Next.

Sothink SWF Easy

Step 2: Add navigation button

In this step, click the Add button to specify Text, Link to, and Target of a button. Text is the text will show on the button. Link to is for you to input the URL you want to link to once you click the swf. And you can select the target, which is for setting the way you open the link once you click the button, to be itself, blank, parent or top.

Tip: Meanings of Target

_blank: Open the link in a new window.
_self: Open to a specific targeted section on the same page.
_parent: Re-open the original page from redirection.
_top: Open the link and make the page loaded top of browser.

Sothink SWF Easy

There are other five options besides Add at right of the dialog. You can click them to edit, delete, delete all, move up, move down the button details.

Click Next to Advanced Settings.

If you add more than one button, then you need to set the alignment of the buttons, Horizontal or Vertical.

Sothink SWF EasySothink SWF Easy
  Horizontal                             Vertical

Step 3: Generate navigation

After the navigation buttons have been generated, click "Finish" and the generated buttons will display on the canvas.






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