Sothink SWF Easy - Create a Banner

Start SWF Easy. Click "File -->New From Template...". Choose "Banner" from the available templates. The Banner Wizard will be launched.

Step1: Select template

In the left column, you can choose the category that you want. All the banner templates in that category will be listed in preview window. And then you can use the filter "Size" or "Color" to view the matchable templates in the current category, and then pick up the required template.

Step2: Modify template

You can modify the banner template as you like. Follow the below tutorial to view details.

Chnage the background of Flash banner

Add or replace the image for Flash banner

Add or replace the text for Flash banner

Add new scene for Flash banner

Add button for Flash banner

Add ActionScript & Link for Flash banner

Step 3: Generate Banner

Click "File -->Publish" to publish your Flash banner. See details of publish here.




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