Sothink SWF Easy - Using Sound

In Resource, there are many built-in sound files for you creating voiced animation. Right click the sound and select some option in the menu, then you can use the sound as you like.

Sothink SWF Easy

Add to Scene

In Resource, many built-in sounds can be added to the artwork directly:

First, choose the sound you like in the resource panel. Then, right click the sound and select Add to Scene to add it to the scene. The names of the sounds you add to the scene are listed in Timeline. You may also directly add a sound to the scene by drag it to the canvas.

Sothink SWF Easy

Play Sound

Play Sound can help you choose the sound and compare to the other. Select the sound and choose Play Sound in the menu, then the sound will be played.


If you like some sound in Resource, you can copy it and paste to your document. Select one sound and choose Copy in the menu. Then paste it in the place in which you want to save the sound.


If you do not like some sound or you think it is no use for any animation, you may delete it. Once you delete some sound in Resource, it won't exist in your software anymore.


Select Rename in the menu and then Rename dialog appears.

Sothink SWF Easy


Right click some sound and select Explore in the menu, then you can find the place in which the sound is saved in your computer.


You can see the properties of the sound you select by choosing Properties in the menu. If the sound has been added to the scene, Properties panel can also appear if you select the sound listed in Timeline and click Info....

There are many other operations about sound can be done out of Resource, like in Timeline and Local.







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