Sothink SWF Easy - Using Movie Clip

Add Movie Clip

There are following ways to add movie clip to your animation:

  • Use built-in resources
    Select a movie clip you like in the Resource panel and drag it to canvas.
  • Use files from a swf file
    You can directly import movie clip from a swf file. In the resource panel, click the Sothink SWF Easy button and choose a swf file in your computer, which lists under Local. When you double click this file, the program will decompile its components and list them below. Then you can select a movie clip and drag it to your animation.

Edit Movie Clip

Select the movie clip on canvas, and the Properties panel will turn to be the one for movie clip. There are several tabs in Properties panel. Under each tab, you may set many properties for the movie clip and edit it to be the one you like.

Sothink SWF Easy


In this tab, you can input the name of the movie clip and check the "Serve as mask" option to check to use the element as a mask layer. You can define other properties including position and size setting.

Click here to see more about position and size setting.

A movie clip usually contains text, shape and sound, which are also can be edited. And button Advanced under tab Properties is for leading you to set that.

Click here to see more about Advanced setting.

Color Transform

In this tab, you can transform color of an element. When you finish transformation, the whole element turns to be one specified color you transform.

Click here to see more about Color Transform.


You can add link to movie clip by using ActionScript. Besides that, some other event or action could be added to movie clip as well.

Click here to see more about Action.


The Output displays information that helps users troubleshoot the animation and view the value of an expression in the scripts.

Click here to see more about Output.

Save Movie Clip

Right-click the movie clip and choose "Export" from the context menu. This button will be saved as *.glb format. So you can use it directly in other animations.





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