Sothink SWF Easy - Context-sensitive Menu

In SWF Easy, almost every action can be achieved through more than one method. There are many shortcuts and commands here and can make you get the same result. And usually you only select an element and right click it and then a context-sensitive menu appears.

Choose any method you like and all the methods are provided for your convenience.

Below is the whole screen shot of the context-sensitive menu appearing after right clicking an element.





Align: Align multiple elements to make their left, right, center, and so on, at same position. It can also be achieved through Modify.

Z-Order: Arrange the order of elements in a scene.

Group : Group some elements to be a whole one.

Lock : Lock the selected elements to make sure them won't be disturbed by the others being edited.

Break Apart : Break text or group apart to make the letters in text or elements in group editable individually.

Change Button Text : Change text of the button selected from Resource.

Export : Save shape, button or movie clip as element of *.gls, *.glb or *.glm format and then the element can be used directly in other animations.

Add Effect: Add the effect selected from built-in ones to element to make it do special action.

Save Effect Settings: Save the special effect settings you defined and then you can select it directly for next use.

Apply Effect Settings: Select built in combined effects and the ones you have saved to apply directly.

Set As Background : Set some element as the background of the scene.

Change Background : Change the background of the scene or do some editing.






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