Sothink SWF Easy - Effect

Adding effect to elements is a key feature of Sothink SWF Easy. This effect includes not only pre-made animated effects in the Entrance, Emphasis and Exit groups, but also motion effect by using Motion Path. All the elements can apply the effect, containing Shape, Image, Button, Movie Clip, and Text, etc. Just by a few clicks or value changes, a cool animation effect will come into being.

In addition, you can add multiple effects continuously to an element so that the element will play the added effects one by one. We have prepared some combined effect, which can be applied to your artwork. You can also save the effect settings and select it directly for your next use. The most unique and magic feature is that you can create new effect, completely different from the built-in effects, by using the Effect Stacking technology provided by Sothink SWF Easy With a few carefully chosen and configured effects you are able to achieve lots of very unique and stylish effects.

Also, you can freely edit the effect. When, where and how long the effect will show are all under your control. You edit these features only in the Timeline. It is quite easy and simple.

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