Sothink SWF Easy - File Type

SWF Easy Private Formats

The following file types are generated by Sothink SWF Easy.

  • *.GLA: SWF Easy document file.
  • *.GLS: SWF Easy Shape file.
  • *.GLB: SWF Easy Button file.
  • *.GLM: SWF Easy Movie Clip file.
    The file types *.GLS, *.GLB and *.GLM can be exported by Sothink SWF Easy and Sothink Quicker.


Other File Formats Supported

  • Image formats supported (standard bitmap image format): bmp, jpg, png and gif.
  • Vector graphic format supported (standard bitmap image format):
    WMF / EMF : Windows Metafile format, vector graphics
    SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics, vector graphics
  • Sound format supported:mp3 and wav.
  • Video format supported: mpg, mpeg, wmv, asf, mov, qt, rm, rmvb, mp4, m1v, m2v, vob and 3gp.






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