Sothink SWF Easy - Basic Skills in SWF Easy

Since SWF Easy is a Flash creation tool, it has many basic but powerful skills of creating and editing. Drawing shapes and reshaping them, writing multiple fonts text and editing it to be colorful and dynamic, setting and editing the properties of any element, these are all SWF Easy can do. What's more, SWF Easy can group, align and lock elements, arrange Z-order for them and break them apart.

Besides the skills above, which are for elements, SWF Easy also has special basic skills for scene. Users can use SWF Easy to set scene properties and make the animation play under design and control. Setting and changing background of a scene is another excellent skill of SWF Easy. With this you may set special background containing different layers for your Flash animation and album.

Below is the page list of all SWF Easy basic skills, you may refer to them to view details.

  • Draw (including Drawing Tools, Draw Shapes and Bezier Curve)
  • Transform (including Transform Tool, Skew, Resize, Rotate and Work with the Center Point)
  • Reshape
  • Text (including Add Text, Set text's format, Edit Text, Attach Link to Text and Static and Dynamic Text)
  • Work with Elements (including Overview, Select & Move, Color Transform, Delete, Copy & Paste, Group/Ungroup, Align, Arrange Order, Break Apart)
  • Work with Scene(including Overview, Main Scene Properties, Auxiliary Scene Properties, Set/Change Background)




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