Sothink SWF Easy - Feature List


  • Dozens of built-in effects
    SWF Easy supplies dozens of built-in effects so users can create animation easily for texts, shapes and images. These built-in effects are classic ones that are selected from many wonderful samples carefully. They could help your animation be professional. Later on, you can also develop and add effects to the effect library.
  • Edit effects
    After you add the effect to your animation, you also can change its parameters later to implement different animation effects.
  • Add multiple effects
    SWF Easy supports adding multiple effects to one element. There are two ways to play the effects: playing the effects one by one under the order you defined or letting multiple effects show blended/combined.
  • Save and apply combined effect
    We have prepared some combined effects, which can be applied in your artwork. You can also save the effect setting for your next use.

Stack Effect

The most unique and magic feature Sothink SWF Easy provides is that you can create new effect, completely different from the built-in effects, by using the Effect Stacking technology. With a few carefully chosen and configured effects you are able to achieve lots of very unique and stylish effects.

Wizard & Template

  • Quick-start with wizard
    You can create a new Flash animation quickly by following the wizards. The wizard will guide you to create a normal album, flip album, banner or navigation buttons in minutes.
  • Templates gallery
    Templates gallery lists categories according to template usage, and you can use the filter "Size" or "Color" to view the matchable templates in the current category, and then pick up the required template. Of course, you can also add your own template to the template gallery.

Button Maker

Inheriting the key feature of Glanda --Button maker, SWF Easy remains the function and even improves it better. Hundreds of button templates stored in the Resource panel. You can also add more at your pleasure. For each button template, you can edit its text, color, shape and URL, etc.

Motion Path

Motion path is also an effect SWF Easy offers. You can also combine the motion paths with other animated effects.


  • Familiar drawing tools
    SWF Easy provides drawing tool including Line, Pencil, Square, Circle, Text, Reshape and Transform. You can create vector shapes consisted with variable lines and fill styles.
  • Edit Easily
    The Edit dialog provides options like color, fill, position and size, etc. You can edit the drawing easily.
  • Image format
    Support common image formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF. Even more it supports importing existing vector graphics such as SVG and WMF/EMF.
  • Rich format text
    Support rich format text such as bold, italic, character spacing, position, static and dynamic text and etc.
  • Ruler, Grid and Alignment
    You can simply arrange your objects with the assistant of ruler, grid and alignment options.

Built-in Resources

Sothink SWF Easy supplies hundreds of well-designed resources including animated buttons, greeting cards and backgrounds. So you don't have to start from scratch. There are also a large amount of vector shapes, sound files supplied for your convenience. You may find what you want quickly by Search function.

Import external resources from SWF

SWF Easy allows you to get external resources (Shape, Image, Button, Sound and Movie Clip) by importing SWF files. From the Local under Resource panel, simply clicking the "+" sign to expand the folder tree and browsing to the folder in which the SWF locates, and then all of the resources contained in this SWF file will be listed.


Sothink SWF Easy supplies components for developers who are building Flash applications and want to use components to speed development. By now, version 6.0 offers six UI components including Button, CheckBox, List, RadioButton, Scrollbar and TextScrollbar.

Import kinds of files

  • Support importing images in formats of *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, etc.
  • Support importing shapes in formats of *.gls (Sothink SWF Easy shape format), *.glb (Sothink SWF Easy button format), *.glm (Sothink SWF Easy movie clip format) and *.svg, *.wmf and *.emf.
  • Support importing sounds in formats of *.mp3 and *.wav.
  • Support importing SWF files to canvas directly to be used completely; and importing to Files separately to be used selectively.
  • Support importing videos in formats of *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.wmv, *.asf, *.mov, *.qt, *.rm, *.rmvb, *.mp4, *.m1v, *.m2v, *.vob or *.3gp and *.flv.

Export kinds of files


SWF Easy supports MP3 and WAV sound formats.
It also supports stream sound. Unlike event sound, stream sound can be played as soon as enough frames have been loaded. This feature is very useful when large sound files are used in the animation.


Main Scene can select more than one Auxiliary Scenes to be the background. Both main scene and auxiliary scene can be added effect and main scene can also be added action script.


Sothink SWF Easy enables you to add action script to elements and scenes, so that you can have a better control on the animation.
It supports Actionscript 2.0







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