Sothink SWF Easy - Stage

The stage is where you compose the elements for your animation, and you can draw shape, add effect, etc. on it.

Sothink SWF Easy

Use Grid

When the grid is displayed in design window, it appears as a set of lines behind the element in all scenes. You can snap element to the grid, and you can modify the grid size and grid line color in Grid dialog.

To display or hide the drawing grid: Choose View > Grid > Show Grid.

To turn snapping to grid lines on or off: Choose View > Grid > Snap to Grid.

Use Rulers

When rulers are displayed, they appear along the top and left sides of the design window. When you move an element on the canvas with the rulers displayed, lines indicating the element's dimensions appear on the rulers.

You can change your view of the Canvas by changing the magnification level or moving the Canvas within the Flash work environment. You can also adjust your view of the Canvas using the View commands.

Auxiliary Line

When the rulers are displayed, you can drag horizontal and vertical lines (green one) from the rulers onto the canvas, which are auxiliary lines. You can move, hide and remove auxiliary lines.

Draw auxiliary line: When the rulers are displayed, drag horizontally or vertically from the rulers onto the canvas.

Note: If the ruler is invisible, the auxiliary lines will also disappear. If you want to show it, you should check " View > Rulers".

To move an auxiliary line: Use the mouse to drag the auxiliary line.

To remove an auxiliary line: use the mouse to drag the auxiliary line to out of the horizontal or vertical ruler.


Use the bar or Hand below the canvas, you can move the canvas for your editing.


Restore the canvas to the original size (100%) and place (at the center of stage).

Size as stage

Restore the canvas to the center of stage and to snap to stage by resizing following the original scale.


To change the view of the entire canvas on the screen, you can drag the scrollbar to left (zoom out)or right (zoom in).





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