Sothink SWF Easy - Add Buttons

Step Five: Add Buttons

Add button to the first main scene & modify the button

  1. Go to the Resources panel on the right, input button in the search bar and choose "button24.glb" from the list.
  2. Drag it into the scene.
  3. Select it and the Properties panel turns to be the one for it.
  4. Right click the button and select "Change Button Text" in the context menu. Then in the dialog change the text to "Next".
  5. Under Properties panel, in tab Properties, set the position as X: 420.1, Y: 164.2, size as Width: 61.9, Height: 61.9.
    (Please do not mind a little difference of the value number, which does not affect the last result.)
    Now you finish adding button to the first scene.

Add button to the second main scene & modify the button

  1. Still drag "button24.glb" from the Resources panel to the second scene.
  2. Follow the same steps to set its content as "Back".
  3. Under Properties panel for this button, set position X: 420.1, Y: 164.2, and size as Width: 61.9, Height: 61.9.



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