Sothink SWF Easy - View

Click "View" on the menu and it pops up the submenu to display the options below:


The Toolbar is visible by selecting View->ToolBar, and invisible by deselecting it.

Status Bar

The Status Bar is visible by selecting View->Status Bar, and invisible by deselecting it.

Scene List

The Scene panel is visible by selecting View->Scene List, and invisible by deselecting it.


The Timeline is visible by selecting View->Timeline, and invisible by deselecting it.

Property Panel

The Property Panel is visible by selecting View->Property Panel, and invisible by deselecting it.

Resource and Component

Choose View->Resource and Component to show the Resource and Component panel.

Rulers (Ctrl+R )

Choose View->Rulers to show rulers.


Show Grid
Choose View->Grid->Show Grid to show the grid. With Show Grid deselected, the grid is invisible.

Snap to Grid
Choosing Snap to Grid will make the elements on the canvas snap to the lines of the grid.

Edit Grid
To change the grid settings, click View->Grid->Edit Grid to open the Grid dialog box.


Choose View->Theme to change interface theme. You may find two choices from the pop-up list: Gray and Blue.
The default theme of SWF Easy interface is Gray. Just choose another theme and the interface's look will be changed soon.







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