Sothink SWF Easy - Lock & Unlock Elements

Lock Elements

To avoid changing a ready-made element on canvas carelessly, you can lock it temporarily by right-clicking the element and choose Lock -> Lock from the context-sensitive menu. In this status, the element is marked with a lock sign and cannot be edited any more.

Sothink SWF Easy Sothink SWF Easy

Unlock Elements

If you think that the element is not perfect and still needs to do some changes, you can unlock it by right-clicking it and choose Lock -> Unlock from the context-sensitive menu, and then the lock sign will disappear and you can make your changes.

Switch between these two options as needed and you will find that this is useful for your design.

Lock & Unlock Elements on Timeline

You may also lock or unlock elements through locking function on Timeline. For more details, click here.





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