Sothink SWF Easy - Scene

Scene is very important in animation creation. Scene is used to organize a document thematically. For example, you might use separate scenes for an introduction, a loading message, and credits. Sothink SWF Easy supports adding many main scenes to create a complete Flash animation. And Auxiliary Scene helps to add different background(s) to the main scene(s), which makes the creation more conveniently.

Scene panel is placed on the left side of SWF Easy program. Main Scene panel shows when run the program. It can be switched to Auxiliary Scene panel by clicking button Auxiliary on the bottom of the panel.

When you publish an animation document that contains more than one scene, the scenes in the document play back in the order they are listed in the Scene panel in the animation document.

For more detailed information about SWF Easy Scene, you may refer to work with Scene.






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